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KreditBee Giving you Instant Loan with Refer & Earn Benefits

KreditBee is a platform that offers instant personal loans to young professionals. You can apply for personal loans starting from Rs.1,000 through online portal, while the repayment tenures range Up to 15 months. depending on the amount of loan availed. A interest rate in the range of 0% to 29.95% p.a. is charged on the personal loans from KreditBee. The app-based service provider hosts several non-banking financial companies (NBFCs) that offer financing to customers.

Loan Details

Interest Rate0% to 29.95%
Processing FeeRs 100 onwards
TenureUpto 15 months
Loan AmountMinumum Rs.1,000

Loan Products Offered by KreditBee

Flexi Personal LoanPersonal Loan for SalariedOnline Purchase Loan
Note: Flexi Personal Loans are offered with a less tenure and smaller loan quantum compared to other forms of personal loans. The company strives to offer quick personal loan disbursal's with minimal documentation.

Personal Loan for Salaried

This loan has been especially designed to help salaried professionals address the urgent cash crunch they may face, especially at the end of the month, before their salaries are credited. These loans can be beneficial for those who require urgent cash but their employer does not allow them to borrow against their salaries. Some of the features of Personal Loan for Salaried have been listed below:
  • The documentation required is minimal and funds are disbursed to your account almost immediately.
  • This loan is helpful in situations when your salary gets delayed and you have to take care of loans/bill payments.

Flexi Personal Loan

To borrow higher amounts from KreditBee, you need to first avail a Flexi Personal loan, which is a loan with less tenure and loan amount. You will be eligible for higher loan amounts as and when you repay all your loans. However, there is no guarantee that you will be eligible for a loan of Rs.1 lakh after you have successfully repaid your loans. The other features of Flexi Personal loans have been given below:
  • To be eligible for the next loan from KreditBee, you need to repay your previous Flexi Personal loan.
  • The loan tenure cannot be changed after the loan is approved and disbursed.
  • If your application for a Flexi Personal loan gets rejected, you can reapply within 6 months from your previous application.

How It Works?

KreditBee offers personal loan to customers. Each offers different quantum of financing and loan tenures. This is an app-based product, meaning you can only apply for a loan on this platform once you have downloaded the app from Google Play Store. The app requires a registration process via Facebook or Google that needs to be verified by KreditBee after which you can apply for loans.
Note that you will not be eligible to apply for high loan amounts initially. You will have to apply for smaller loans and repay them on time, upon which your credit limit will gradually increase, making you eligible for higher loan amounts.

How To Apply for Flexi Personal Loan?

  • Download the KreditBee App.
  • Sign up using your Facebook account. Confirm your personal details including name, email address, and mobile number.
  • Enter the refferal Code "KB7TAPUV"
  • Enter your Aadhaar or Voter ID or Passport and PAN, and provide details related to your date of birth, monthly salary, and PIN code to check eligibility.
  • Upload KYC documents, including address, marital status, and contact details.
  • Provide your bank account details.
  • Upon verification, expect the loan to be disbursed within 15 minutes.

How to Apply for Personal Loan for Salaried?

  • Download the KreditBee App.
  • Sign up using your Facebook account.
  • Enter the refferal Code "KB7TAPUV"
  • Enter your Aadhaar or Voter ID or Passport and PAN, and provide details regarding your date of birth, monthly salary, and PIN code, to check eligibility.
  • Upload KYC documents, including address, marital status, and contact details.
  • Enter your company details.
  • Provide your Salary Account Statement Proof
  • Provide your bank account details. You will have to provide your e-signature through your phone.
  • Upon verification, expect the loan to be disbursed within 15 minutes.

Eligibility Criteria

NationalityMust be a citizen of India
Age21 years and above
Minimum IncomeRs.15,000 per month
Other Eligibility Criteria
  • Aadhar Card should be linked to the applicant’s mobile number
  • Should have a valid bank account
  • Should have a PAN Card

Documents Required

1. Documents required for Loan upto 1.5 times of Salary:
  • ID Proof (PAN)
  • Address Proof (Aadhaar/ Voter ID/ Passport)
  • Salary Proof
2. Documents required for Loan upto 2 times of Salary:
  • ID Proof (PAN)
  • Address Proof (Aadhaar/ Voter ID/ Passport)
  • Salary Proof
  • eNACH

Features and Benefits

  • Quick loan disbursal
  • High financing amount
  • No collateral required.
  • Minimal documentation required.
  • App is compatible with all Android phones.
  • No need to submit documents every time you apply for a loan.
  • Repayments can be done through a wide variety of platforms, including online banking, UPI, and debit card, to name a few.
  • First-time borrowers with no credit history can also apply.

Kreditbee Customer Care Number and Contact Details

Name of the businessKreditbee
Phone Number080 - 44292200
Official Mail
Web Address
Head OfficeFinnovation Tech Solutions Pvt. Ltd.
No.100, The Royal Stone Tech Park,
Benninganahalli, K.R.Puram,
Bengaluru, India –560016.


1. Are there any penalty charges for late payments on the loan?Yes, there are a few additional costs involved. For instance, while making online payments against the loan, you have to pay convenience charges as imposed by the payment gateways. Also, late penalty charges will be levied on all Loan products.
2. Can I use the app without having a Facebook or Google account?No, you need to have either a Facebook or a Google account to get registered on KreditBee.
3. Currently, I am working from home. Am I still eligible for Personal Loan for Salaried?If you have a valid company ID with company address proof (in India), you can apply for Personal Loan for Salaried.
4. Can I take multiple personal loans at once?No. Only when you have cleared your pre-existing loan, you can apply for another loan.
5. What happens if I default on my loan?If you default, penalty charges will be levied on your loan. Also, your credit score as a defaulter will be forwarded to different credit bureaus. On top of that, in the future, you won’t be eligible to get a personal loan from KreditBee with a higher margin of financing.
6. Am I allowed to foreclose my loan?Yes, you can prepay the outstanding amount whenever you wish to, within the tenure.
7. I live in Kolkata. Can I avail a Personal Loan for Salaried from KreditBee?Yes. Instant personal loans from KreditBee can be availed from anywhere in India.
8. Is the KreditBee app available on iStore?Unfortunately, the KreditBee app is available for download only in the Android platform.
9. Can the loan amount availed from KreditBee be transferred to my brother’s bank account?No. The personal loan availed from KreditBee can only be transferred to your bank account.
10. How do I contact KreditBee in case I have a query or complaint?If you have any query or complaints related to KreditBee personal loans, you can get in touch with their customer care team at their helpline number 080-44292200 or email them at


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